dental office remodeling is a huge undertaking for which a number of questions must be asked before renovation commences. Here are six of the most important queries to consider, courtesy of ACOA Dental in Chicago.

How does the renovation process begin?

Every project must start somewhere. In this case, the dental office renovation process begins with the client listing out their needs and wants. This list should be approached as a framework (some detail, but not too much) from which the client and ACOA Dental will flesh out the planning and construction phases.

How much time does the design and planning phase take?

On average, the design and planning phase for an office remodeling project takes several hours, i.e. 2 – 4 meetings of 1 -2 hours each. Of course, this estimate can change based on the project size, the number of partners involved, the type of materials to be integrated into the renovation, etc. One of the nice things about working with ACOA Dental is that our considerable experience allows us to quickly understand the scope of your renovation and develop an effective game plan, saving you time and money.

How can I minimize business disruptions during the renovation?

We do our best to ensure your business isn’t disrupted during our renovation work. This might entail working when the office is closed, i.e. at night or during a regular off-day. If it’s absolutely necessary that we work during business hours, we’ll limit our scope to one our two rooms at a time. Rest assured that whatever hours we agree upon for the work to be completed, our project management experience ensures careful planning, detailed scheduling, and work areas that are kept clean and protected throughout the process.

Am I responsible for relocating my equipment?

Our focus is on providing a “business as usual” environment in which your responsibilities and distractions are minimal. If equipment requires temporary relocation and installation in a different location, we’ll make sure this is accounted for in the project management plan, and we’ll handle the moving, installing, and everything else that goes with shifting things around during the renovation.

I want a fresh look for my office but my budget is tight. What are my options?

For renovations done on a limited budget, introducing new colors to your office walls is one of the best solutions. Bringing in new carpet is another effective option, as is making subtle changes to the ceiling pattern and material. And there are plenty of other paths to consider: new lighting fixtures, different cabins, fresh work surfaces, a new reception desk, and more.

How can I maximize my current office space without adding to it?

The word “renovation” directly applies to this question. Rather than move your office to a new location, you want to renovate your current locale and maximize its appeal. There are many ways that our Chicagoland dental office contractor can help you do this, and it all starts with understanding your needs. Whether your goal is additional storage, better patient flow, or a more streamlined work area for your employees, we have the expertise to enliven your vision.