ACOA, Ltd. Construction Company

Dental & Medical Office Designers & Builders 
for the Greater Chicagoland Area

Building, decorating, and installing medical equipment is what we are passionate about here at ACOA, Ltd. Construction Company. We know that a well designed office makes all the difference for both the patients and doctors.

Over the past 25 years, ACOA, Ltd. Construction Company has guided dentists and physicians through every phase of their office build-out process, on-time and on-budget. We specialize in commercial construction for new dental and medical offices in the greater Chicagoland area, taking care of all aspects of construction and design. We place great value in designing spaces that are attractive and comfortable but also provide workflow to help doctors and dentists be efficient as well.

Knowing that every doctor has personal preferences, needs, and budgetary constraints, we work closely with clients to meet every expectation and specification. The process is highly personalized, and complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Mission Statement

Here at ACOA, Ltd. Construction Company, our mission is to provide the client with a product of the best value possible, within the budget and time requirements. We accomplish this result in a cooperative and safe work environment; emphasizing a team effort consisting of honesty, integrity and ethical business practices.

In short, we want to do the best job possible for the best price possible, and we want our clients to feel as though their needs are being tended to appropriately throughout the process.

What We Do

Whether a doctor needs to build a medical office from the ground up or is interested in undertaking a significant office renovation, our specialists have it covered. Our list of services is extensive and comprehensive, but the process starts at the planning stage, with architects designing the layout of the office. From there, mechanical engineers work through the logistics of construction, while interior designers begin making plans for the aesthetic of the building.

Furthermore, we provide custom cabinetry, reception desk units, furniture, floor treatments, painting, wallpaper, and even the medical and dental equipment. When we finish our work, a team of doctors, nurses and/or dental hygienists will be able to walk right into the new or newly-redesigned building and get to work. Our professionals handle every step of the process, all with guidance from the client.

ACOA, Ltd. is known for on-time performance, top quality work, fine craftsmanship and excellent value. Our technical and construction teams have extensive hands-on knowledge and experience. Take no chance. It’s your most important investment. You should not accept anything less than excellence, attention to detail, experience and a commitment level unsurpassed by any other firm.

Turnkey Construction

Our goal is “Turnkey Construction,” which means we can do it all. If you need a new medical or dental office, or even just a redesign, contact us here at ACOA, Ltd. Construction Company to get started on your project today.

Choosing a commercial construction company in any context is a big decision, but choosing the right medical or dental office contractor is all the more important because of the specialization and attention to detail involved. Customers to date have been appreciative of the excellent work we have done and we have a wonderful portfolio of projects for you to explore. Now, we want to do the same for you.