ACOA’s extensive experience in dental office design allows us to streamline what can be a complex, time-consuming architectural process and execute it with optimum efficiency and attention to detail. We believe that a strong connection exists between human psychology and a dental office’s interior, and therefore it’s essential to create an atmosphere that’s warm, comfortable, and capable of easing a patient’s anxiety.

Regardless of your office’s size and your design preferences, ACOA uses only the highest-quality materials and surfaces, crafted and finished by our experienced artisans. Everything starts in the first place the patient encounters: the reception desk and its surrounding environment. It’s imperative that this area is clean, bright, and welcoming so that it delivers a positive first impression. Moreover, ACOA’s goal with your office’s walls (whether painted or wallpapered) is to blend a sense of professionalism and warmth, putting the patient at ease while simultaneously affirming that you take your business seriously. Along with your walls, the right flooring is vital to any dental office’s appeal. Several factors contribute to proper flooring selection: durability, cost, aesthetic appeal, and ease of maintenance. ACOA takes these into account, along with the layout of your interior space, and delivers the best flooring options.

Fire, flooding, and gas leaks are the last things a business owner wants to think about. But for ACOA, planning contingencies is part of what we do. The effects of a fire, flood, or gas leak in a dental office are wide-reaching: patients are displaced, new equipment and fixtures must be ordered and installed, and a full cleanup is vital to prevent the spread of mold, bacteria, and harmful toxins. ACOA knows dental office renovation, and we know the how to get your practice up and running again with minimal downtime.

Services We Provide

ACOA, Ltd. Construction Company performs the following services in both the dental and medical fields:

*Architectural services provided by Licensed Architects
*Engineering services provided by Licensed Engineers

Through more than 25 years spent serving dentists throughout Chicagoland, ACOA has developed a diverse portfolio of impactful office designs and renovations in a diverse range of styles and sizes. We believe that the secret to designing and building the ideal workspace lies in the complete understanding of your practice’s unique criteria. We know what questions to ask and how to apply your answers to the right construction plan. The end-result is a space that exceeds your expectations in terms of comfort for customers, as well as productivity and efficiency for employees.

If your practice is ready for a fresh look, consider ACOA for your dental office remodeling needs. The upsides to pursuing a contemporary remodeling are significant: better energy efficiency, increased functionality, and most importantly, the attraction of new customers. Whether you’re looking to redesign an existing office space or are working with an empty canvas at a new location, ACOA has the experience to incorporate everything you want into a creative design that’s delivered on-time and on-budget.