At ACOA Dental Construction, we design and construct medical and dental practice office buildings, taking special consideration to the needs of these particular professionals and their patients. For instance, our Chicago dental office gas line installation technicians must pay careful attention to the placement of lines. 

Planning Your Chicago Dental Office

We take numerous precautions and plan accordingly. Any piping placed in an area where damage may occur due to transporting carts or other equipment must be protected. Puncturing the line can cause a serious problem, but professionals who understand the delicate process of determining the best course of action prevent these issues. For medical practices that tend to the needs of psychiatric patients, the placement of lines is imperative since the piping is more susceptible to damage. When pipes are run, we take into consideration every aspect of your practice in order to implement a system that’s safe and effective. 

Full Compliance with Chicago & Illinois Medical Laws

We follow all medical and dental gas laws to ensure the safety and well-being of the staff and patients. Besides the actual design, we also take into consideration the specifics of the pipes themselves. We only use a brazing alloy with a minimum melting point of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. For all brazed copper to copper joints, we use copper-phosphorus brazing filler (BCuP series) without flux to comply with regulations. When two non-similar metal joints adhere, we use a BCuP series or silver BAg series to complete the joint. Flux is used sparingly to avoid excess flux contaminating the lines. Any sealant used on threaded joints is oxygen safe. 

Preventing contamination due to flux is one precaution we take; however, additional precautions are required. All lines must remain free from grease, oil and particle matter. This requires a skillful individual who understands the process and importance of a seamless system free from contaminates. 

Every line ran in the building must be compatible with oxygen whether your building will use each line for oxygen or not. This means every pipe must be resistance to ignition and have a low rate of combustion, which usually means copper or an alloy of copper will be used. Our knowledgeable staff realizes the dangers flammable gasses pose and realizes preventing them from catching flame requires the correct piping. All pipes are 1/2” ID or 5/8” OD, so administering the correct dosage is precise.  

The aforementioned regulations and guidelines are only some of the aspects of a medical gas line we consider. We design the gas lines around the setup of your building to ensure you have gas to the rooms that require it. This saves your practice from re-planning and also guarantees the best time efficiency, especially when responding to an emergency. 

About ACOA Dental Construction

ACOA Dental Construction has been designing and constructing medical and dental facilities that work for both the patient and staff for over 20 years. Our designs combined with our craftsmanship and attention to detail have earned us opportunities to work with respected physicians and dentists, who utilize our medical and dental gas systems on a regular basis. Contact us today for more information and consultation on how ACOA can help your Chicagoland dental practice.