Chicago Dental Office Decor

Unlike many other office settings, the design of a dental office serves a psychological function. It’s no secret than many people are fearful about receiving dental care. While reasons for this fear may vary, it is widespread – the American Association of Endodontists reported that nearly three-quarters of adults have some degree of apprehension about going to the dentist, ranging from mild anxiety to outright phobia. A well-designed, soothing atmosphere in the dental office can alleviate some of this fear. Therefore, form and function are equally important in dental office interior design and decor. For dentists and practices in Chicago, Dental Office Interior Design can be the difference between patient comfort and apprehension.

Dental Office Aesthetics and Function

Physical comfort is closely tied with mental relaxation. This principle is the driving force behind the trend toward creating a spa-like atmosphere in dental offices. Aesthetic appeal is important because it provides a patient’s first impression of your practice. Dental office interior design should be modern and professional while maintaining the personal preferences of the practitioners.

While looks are important, office design must be functional and efficient. Smart use of space is key. The floor plan should meet current needs while leaving room for growth and new equipment in the future. Office space should be adequate for client base size without being larger than necessary.

What to Look For In a Dental Office

First, consider your greatest needs in an office. Perhaps you need to create a family-friendly space for pediatric dentistry, or maybe your need is space to accommodate a growing practice. Once you’ve identified the problem that your office design will solve, create a checklist to determine spatial needs. Your list should include things like:

  • Number of practitioners and assistants
  • Number of reception staff members
  • Office equipment such as computers and fax machines
  • Average patients per day/waiting room seating
  • Current equipment, including radiography
  • Projected future equipment

Chicago Dental Office Interior Design & Decor

Working with an interior design firm that specializes in dental offices will give you optimum results. Understanding the basic principles of design and having a preliminary plan in mind will be helpful when seeking a Chicago dental office interior design firm.

Prioritize the various areas of your office to determine the best budget allocation. For example, in most offices, treatment rooms receive top priority because they are at the heart of the practice. Reception and administrative areas are lower on the list, yet still of great importance.

You will have a variety of choices in components that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, such as lighting, flooring, and cabinetry. Treatment room size and layout, x-ray facilities, staff break room, private office space for dentists, business area space, and public restrooms will need to be addressed as well. Additional factors to consider include environmental concerns like ventilation, noise reduction, and air quality.

These myriad options and considerations may sound daunting, but an experienced Chicago dental office interior design company knows the current trends in interior design and how to guide you through this process and help you make the best decisions for your practice. A professional firm will deliver the results you need on time and within your budget.