Custom Millwork

We take dental cabinetry and dental office millwork seriously, understanding that environment and comfort are everything when working in or visiting the orthodontist/dentist’s office. Both purveyor and client expect a high standard of quality on-site, and that is what we have consistently given our own clientele – high value, high quality, along with the most versatility in dental office build-outs available. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard of technical know-how and craftsmanship, employing a team that takes custom dental cabinetry and dental office millwork to new levels of excellence, proving it with every job we take on.

Chicago Dental Office Millwork

Our custom dental and medical office build-outs really are second to none in terms of quality, ROI, and a touch of class and style that accompany our criteria for technical perfection. It’s not just “what you see is what you get” when you step into a dental office in Chicago that’s been built-out or refurbished by our expert team of craftsmen. We combine a passion for maximum utility with eyes for technical perfection – and we believe it shows. We trust in what fresh millwork can bring to the table, in terms of truly bringing a sense of place to any space we put our expert craftsmanship skills to!

The proof is always in the results. Just have a look at our custom millwork in the areas of:

Custom Dental Office Millwork That Endures

Look at the many examples of our finely-crafted handiwork and decide for yourself – is your dental office in the market for an upgrade, in the form of some custom dental cabinetry work, whether for a re-build, or new office construction? For 20 years we’ve sought to bring back what made the great construction jobs of old so great – their custom millwork. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter templates or pre-made modules. We subscribe to the old ways that went into buiilding things that stand the test of time. We’d like to hear those who say, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” start saying, “They don’t make ‘em like ACOA!”

When you choose quality and experience over the quick and simple approach, you give yourself the gift of excellence, which goes on paying off for decades after the actual job is completed. We’ve been proudly serving Chicago, Wisconsin, and NW Indiana for over 20 years with our artisanal craftwork. Inquire with one of our ACOA, Ltd. agents, who will give you an estimate on what your custom dental office millwork job will entail, and experience the difference, not only in the craftsmanship, but in customer service as well.