The impression that your Chicago dental office presents to your patients is an important factor in their overall satisfaction, as well as their likelihood of becoming a regular patient and recommending your practice to their friends and family members. The decor, furnishings and wall coverings you choose can either make your patients feel warmly welcomed or feel like they have entered a sterile and unfriendly environment. ACOA Dental Construction has more than 20 years of experience in providing turn-key capabilities that include solutions such as Chicago dental office painting, wallpaper and more. 

The Dental Waiting Room Offers the First Impression

Once your patient arrives, the first impression they receive is from your waiting room. While traditionally medical offices have presented a sterile and scientific stance in order to make patients feel comfortable knowing they are getting superior care. Instead, this type of environment often makes patients feel quite the opposite. Often perceived as being cold, sterile and uncaring, today’s dental offices take a markedly different approach when it comes to providing an impression for their patients. 

Modern Dental Office Concepts for Chicago

Curved, sweeping lines and open spaces provide a feeling that evokes relaxation and caring. Contrasting colors as the result of your dental office painting will provide a pleasing visual backdrop that allows dental staff to decorate in vivid designs. A carefully chosen wallpaper for your dental practice offers a soothing backdrop that helps to relax those patients who have a case of the jitters. 

Furniture Matters

Hard and uncomfortable furniture in both the waiting room and other areas where patients might find themselves is a thing of the past. Comfortable upholstered love seats and couches encourage patients to gain emotional support from their support system. Rugs and other floor coverings in warm colors makes patients feel like they are in an extension of their own home. Wood flooring provide the perfect backdrop for colorful area rugs that add to the warm and welcoming feelings. 

Whether you are wanting to update your current dental office using the latest techniques or you are planning to open a brand new dental office, paying careful attention to the interior provides that edge that makes your practice stand out from all others. 

ACOA Dental Construction offers complete dental and medical office solutions that utilize the latest research to provide the environment for medical and dental offices including Chicago dental office painting. Contact us today to learn how you can take your outdated dental office to a cutting-edge entity that welcomes patients.