Chicago Dental Office Remodeling

If you are a Chicago dentist with an established practice, chances are you haven’t considered refreshing your office’s look in a long time. Modern dental office designs can help attract new customers to your practice, maximize existing space to make your office more functional and efficient, and help to make your office more energy (and cost) efficient over time.

Does a Dental Office Remodel Make Sense for My Practice?

Many dentists are perfectly happy with the location of their practice, and often don’t want to disrupt business and long-time customers by suddenly changing locations. Because of this, remodeling an existing space is often a more sensible decision that can be cheaper than starting from scratch.

Chicago Dental Office Remodel Checklist

With over 20 years of experience building and remodeling dental offices in Chicago, ACOA Dental Construction has the experience to help you plan and execute a dental office remodel that fits your needs and desires. When considering a remodel, these are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • X-ray and radiographic Technology Requirements
  • Darkroom Requirements
  • Specialty Equipment Requirements
  • Delivery System Requirements
  • Mechanical Room Requirements (HVAC Systems, Air Compressors, Tanks, Pumps, Etc.)
  • Filing Requirements
  • Storage Requirements
  • Restroom Requirements
  • Waiting Room Size
  • Number of Exam Rooms
  • Traffic Flow Patterns

Future-Proof Dental Office Design

One important thing many dentists don’t consider when exploring an office remodel is future-proofing your design for longevity. With some smart planning now, it is possible to commission a remodel project that allows your office to be flexible to future needs. Ensuring all examination rooms are identical in size, shape, and layout will allow you to perform any services offered by your practice in any available room, which prevents scheduling issues, overcrowding, and patient bottlenecks in the office.

Remodel your Chicago Dental Office with ACOA Dental Construction

Once you’ve considered these important factors and decide that a dental office remodel is right for your practice, give the experts at ACOA Dental Construction a call. We can assist in the entire process, from planning to construction. Contact ACOA today!