Choosing the appropriate flooring for your dental practice may seem like a tough call, with an extensive list of high-profile choices that are perfectly suited for a medical practice facility. However, with a little guidance and a good professional team on your side, choosing from the many Chicago dental office floor treatments will not be such a trying feat.

What should be taken into consideration before choosing Chicago dental office floor treatments?

The best flooring treatments can be narrowed down by taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • Maintenance
  • Esthetic Appeal
  • Durability
  • Cost

You will want a flooring treatment that will be easy to care for and keep clean, in addition to complementing the interior design of the space. Cost and durability is always an important factor to consider. It would only be feasible to invest a larger amount in a flooring option if it will be durable and have a longer life than usual. One other aspect to be considered in a dental office is if sound transfer is an issue. Some flooring types are better designed to diminish noise in the office, and even flooring levels beneath the office.

What are some of the most targeted office floor treatments for dental practices?

There are basically four different types of flooring that are most commonly found in medical practices and dental practices alike. Each of the four offer their own benefits and disadvantages, but almost all have a specifically formulated design to work well in the medical industry.

Carpet – Carpet is more commonly found in the lobby or waiting area of a dental practice. The carpeting used in these areas are more complex than the carpet that is used in the average residential setting. Most contain fiber coating that wards off spills, stains, and even microorganisms and bacteria.

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) – VCT is created with mostly vinyl resin materials, and while the surface of VCT is easy to clean, it can be more time consuming to maintain over the long term because it does require waxing and surface treatment to maintain the sheen that is present when the tile is first installed.

Sheet Vinyl – Sheet vinyl is a less expensive flooring alternative for dental practices, which makes it a common choice for Chicago dental office floor installation. The biggest pitfall to vinyl flooring is that it tends to have a longer longevity.

Epoxy Flooring – Epoxy flooring, which is used in many industrial applications as well as medical facilities, is one of the more preferred flooring options in dental practice settings. The textured surface means that slips and falls are less of an issue and the hard-epoxy surface will not absorb contaminants and will usually last for many years.

The bottom line is this, when choosing the appropriate Chicago dental office floor treatments, it is best to take some time to get to know our options well to make the best decisions. For more information, contact ACOA Dental Construction.