Planning Considerations

As a leading specialist in Chicago dental office buildouts, ACOA understands how challenging the design process can be for many dental business owners opening a new location. There are a number of elements to consider when choosing the perfect space. The overall square footage and dimensions of the interior space are critical considerations, but there are several external factors that can dramatically affect the overall success of the new enterprise, as well.

Interior Space Requirements

As a leading Chicago dental construction specialist, we always recommend that our clients take the time to itemize the precise components and architectural features of the ideal dental office thoroughly. This “dream list” will save you a great deal of time when searching for a location that fits your business model. You might begin by asking yourself a few basic questions.

  • How many dentists will be working in the facility?
  • Will the office be adding more dentists in the next five years?
  • How many hygienists, assistants, and office personnel will there be?
  • How many patients per day will be visiting the establishment?
  • What are the filing and storage requirements?
  • What types of office and dental equipment will there be?
  • What are the ADA requirements for the space?

Dental Office Buildouts – Site Location and Infrastructure

The neighborhood for your Chicago dental office buildouts is a very personal decision in many ways. Most business owners want to locate the new office nearby to their personal residence to reduce the need for lengthy commutes. But from a business perspective, it is also important to ensure that the new location offers a local culture and infrastructure that can support your new practice.

  • Is the new location in a neighborhood where your patients will be safe?
  • Is the new location easily accessible by public transit?
  • Are there competing dentists in the area?
  • Are there other successful businesses in the proximity that might benefit your patients?
  • Do the neighborhood demographics support your business model?
  • Is there ample parking?  Don’t forget about the handicapped parking spaces, too.

Estimated Construction and Remodeling Time

Efficient and cost-effective Chicago dental construction requires careful planning for design, financing, and completing the final buildout. Dentists who are planning to relocate into a new office location should take this into consideration when creating the construction and design budget. ACOA has a team of professional designers and construction managers who can help you through this sometimes confusing process every step of the way.

Preparing the final blueprints may take some time in the very beginning to ensure that the final design meets all of the client’s professional and personal requirements. Most dentists should expect a few revisions to the floor plan before reaching a final configuration. Once the blueprints are complete, the ACOA design team helps each client to select the proper interior finishes and textures. We will discuss paint colors, wallpaper selections, countertop materials, carpeting and tile choices, and even the lighting fixtures. With the help of the client’s detailed business plan and budgetary requirements, ACOA can make your Chicago dental office buildouts a true success.