Custom Reception Area Designs

ACOA has over twenty years of experience in professional dental office construction and renovation in the Chicago, Wisconsin, and Northwestern Indiana areas. We offer a wide range of professional services that include design consultation, color and texture selections, and custom designed cabinetry to create a truly impressive office environment to fit your every need. With a team of highly experienced designers and project managers, we design custom workspaces, private offices, and reception areas that are both fully functional and exquisitely appointed.

The reception area is the very heart of your entire operation. It is both the first and last point of contact for all new and existing patients. The reception desk is where first impressions are made. It must always appear organized, uncluttered, and professional at all times.

ACOA offers custom dental office construction to fit your unique requirements. We specialize in elegantly curved reception desks made with real wood veneers and custom detailing that provide a feeling of luxury and sophistication. For smaller office spaces, ACOA can design more traditional reception areas with raised counter caps, inlay banding, and perhaps a backlit lightbox displaying the company logo. Regardless of the architectural design, ACOA always delivers high-quality construction in a timely and courteous manner.

Planning the Reception Area

The ACOA design process begins with an extensive discussion with each client where we evaluate and determine the precise functions and operations that occur at the reception desk on a daily basis. We ask questions and review the employees during a normal workday to discover better workflow and organizational opportunities. Our goal is to provide a beautifully designed dental office construction that is also comfortable, inviting, and highly efficient.

  • How many employees will be sitting at the reception desk?
  • Will there be printers, fax machines, and other office technology? 
  • How many computer terminals will the area require?
  • Do the computer screens need to be hidden from view of patients?
  • Is there ample leg room for the receptionist?
  • How much storage space is required?
  • Will the receptionist be asking patients to sign-in? Is there a need for a raised countertop?
  • Or do you prefer the more open feel of a lower countertop to engage with patients in a more informal manner?
  • What are the security requirements of this space?
  • Is a door or gate with a locking mechanism required?
  • How durable does the visitors’ side of the reception desk need to be? Does the office see a great many child patients?

ACOA takes all of these factors into consideration before designing the perfect reception area. Our team of professional designers and project managers also help each client to choose the proper colors, textures and finishes to complement the surrounding architectural features. From real wood veneers of different grains and tones to laminate finishes with clean lines and a crisp look, ACOA walks each client through every step of the design process. We get it right the first time, saving our customers time, money, and frustration in the process. For more information on our full range of dental office construction services, contact the office of ACOA today.