ACOA, Ltd. Construction Company can Handle Construction of any Specialty Dental or Medical Office with Ease

For more than 20 years, dentists and physicians have trusted ACOA to provide on­time, on­budget, turnkey construction for every type of dental and medical practice. Just as every doctor has their own preferences and ideas for their new office space, different types of specialties are nuanced, so it is important to choose a construction company and dental office builders that understand, and have experience in, different types of office construction.

Endodontist Offices

Because of the specialized nature of endodontist practices and the higher number of referrals coming into the practice, the construction and design don’t need to focus quite so much on “curb appeal” as on creating workable space for the dentist and team, and creating a practical, but comfortable, environment for patients.

Construction also needs to plan for microscopes, if either ceiling­mounted or wall­mounted microscopes will be used.

General Dentist Offices

No two general dental practices are exactly the same. Dental office construction and dental office remodeling should never take a “cookie cutter” approach to design and construction. General dentistry projects need to plan for many variables, including how many treatment rooms, and in what configuration, the office should have.

Just as important as the treatment rooms, it is important to design and construct reception areas, dentists’ business offices and staff break rooms so they can grow with the practice. Don’t forget to plan for sinks, X­ray equipment, proper air exchange and enough power to accommodate future growth.

Medical Offices

Just as every specialized dental office has unique needs, every medical office should be designed to provide for physician and staff efficiency for every appointment. How many treatment rooms you need and what type of design or space needs to be considered depends largely on what type of practice is being designed. Just as with dental practices, it is important to remember to plan for office space and staff break rooms in medical office space.

Ophthalmologist Offices

When it comes to the design and construction of a new opthamologist office or the renovation of an existing ophthalmology practice, there are many important things to consider. While comfort should be top of mind when it comes to patients, opthamologists also need to address functionality as well. Few medical office design companies achieve this balance with as much ease and sophistication as ACOA, Ltd.

Ophthalmology Offices

Oral Surgeons Offices

In addition to treatment rooms, oral surgery practices often include separate recovery rooms for patients. The major procedure rooms for oral surgeons need to be designed with all types of procedures in mind, keeping practicality and comfort of surgeons, staff and patients at the forefront.

Oral Surgery Offices

For your next oral surgery office design project, choose ACOA Dental. Our full-service approach , conducted by a team of multi-disciplinary specialists in architecture and interior design, translates into an office design that meets all of your practice’s requirements for flexibility, functionality, and creativity.

Orthodontist Offices

Orthodontist practices typically have a higher number of shorter appointments than general dental offices do, so there may be a need to design and build more treatment rooms and a larger waiting area.

Configuration of treatment rooms also needs to be designed with the orthodontist, patients, staff and equipment in mind, and good traffic flow is a must. Orthodontic practices also need room for equipment and treatment for procedures including reproximation, recontouring, impressions and equilibration, in addition to operatory and laboratory space.

Pediatric Dental Offices

When it comes to pediatric dental offices, you want to create an environment that puts both your tiniest patients and their parents at ease. Another construction consideration is that like orthodontics practices, pediatric specialty practices often have a higher number of shorter appointments, so having more treatment rooms than a general dental office makes sense.

Periodontist Offices

Periodontal procedures generally take longer than general dental procedures, so treatment rooms need to be designed for maximum comfort and practicality. Constructing a space that will allow for efficiency without sacrificing patient comfort is critical.

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