Dental Office Design and Buildout Process

Architectural and Design Process

  • Select an architect experienced in dental office lay-out. The architect should make field measurements of your space. 
  • Meet with your contractor to review proposed floor plan, make changes to floor plan if necessary.
  • Once final floor plan is approved: A mechanical engineer experienced in dental office build-outs preps, depending on your equipment, the HVAC, plumbing and electric plans.
  • Ask your contractor to review permit set to make sure the scope of work has not changes due to mechanical drawings.
  • Contractor or architect will submit the blueprint set for permit.
  • Contractor or architect will provide a set of blueprints to the dental equipment supplier for them to provide set of equipment plans.

Construction Process

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  • While your blueprints are in for permit start work with an experienced interior designer for wall and flooring finished.
  • After permit is issued, have your selected contractor lay-out your floor plan in the new space and do a walk thru with them and your dental supplier.
  • Request a schedule and time table from your contractor for the build-out period.
  • Meet with your contractor at the job site for progress updates..
  • Ask contractor to provide final cleaning.
  • After final inspection is approved meet with your contractor to review punch list.

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