Dental office interior design is always evolving as it strives to meet patients’ aesthetic, comfort, and hygienic needs. ACOA Dental, a leading dental office design firm in Wheeling, looks at some of the latest trends dentists are embracing to maintain and increase their client base.


Any medical office design, whether general practice, orthopedic, or dental, must account for technological advancements that today occur on a regular basis. And while no one can predict what the dental technology landscape will look like five years from now, a dental office’s interior design can certainly take a proactive approach by allotting enough space for new equipment or machines that will undoubtedly reach the market. What’s most important here is to plan for the future, so that when the time comes to incorporate new technology, your medical office isn’t left wanting for room or flexibility.

Infection Control

Whether you’re a pediatric dentist or an oral surgeon, airtight infection control is critical. One of the biggest trends in this area is a move towards ceramic flooring, which is much easier to clean than tile, linoleum, and other surfaces. Also, with sterilization efforts demanding increased efficiency, the square footage of all sterilization areas is expanding to allow for more efficient sterilization activities.

Colors & Light

30 years ago, most dental office décor looked similar. Heavy on the white, resulting in a somewhat benign but very drab environment. Times have changed though, and dental office interior design is increasingly moving towards spaces that are more colorful, better lit, and more inviting, whether we’re talking about the waiting room or the employees’ main workspace. Wherever possible, natural light should be maximized, as its benefits are well-documented. Color is important too, and it’s essential to settle on a color scheme that’s not just coordinated, but one that conveys a sense of relaxation and fluidity.


Along with colors and natural light, wall art has become a key component to a welcoming dental office. Recent studies show that hanging pictures of successful treatments, especially those displaying white, happy smiles, have a positive impact on patients. Peace of mind is improved and the patient tends to feel safer, knowing that those before him have benefited from their dental visit.

Give Patients What They Want

From a purely sales/profit perspective, a dentist office is a marketing tool. If it resonates with the customer, i.e. they feel welcome and comfortable, and are impressed with the level of professionalism infused in the office’s design, they’ll come back. Plus, just like any other service business, they’re more likely to recommend your office to friends and family. Everyone, from the dentist to the receptionist to the dental hygienist, has a part to play within the ecosystem.

Gone are the days when a dental space could get away with being something even approaching “scary”. Instead, with millennials coming into their own, bright, airy, and technologically connected are the order of the day. WiFi, a flat-screen TV, and maybe even a tablet or two in the waiting area are appealing features. Just like patients in any age group, millennials want to feel soothed, comfortable, and relaxed. The difference is that their definition of these terms is different than their parents’.

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